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Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing 4th of July!  I promised a full review of the Away’s The Carry-On in my Travel OOTD post a few weeks ago and since then I have gotten to use it a few more times and it has truly blown any other luggage line out of the water for me.  This product actually comes in two sizes: The Carry-On and The Bigger Carry-On which are advertised to pack for 3-5 days or 4-7 days respectively.  I chose the smaller of the two options because I often fly with smaller airlines which similarly have smaller overhead space for your carry-on bags.  My bag is in the color Sand, in case anyone is wondering!  The price point is a bit high on this bag but I think it is definitely worth it with all of the modern and helpful features that come with it.  So now, lets get into the review!


  1. Sleek design- The stream-line design of the Away suitcases is perfect for several reasons- other than the fact that it’s super cute and compact of course!  First, the hard shell protects my belongings, which is great since suitcases tend to get bumped around so much during travel.  Even if I end up having to check my bag, I am confident that my luggage will be secure.  Second, I am a serial over-packer!  If there is extra space, I will fill it with stuff that I probably don’t actually need.  But with this suitcase’s shape and material, even when I fill completely, it still slides in and out of the overhead compartment with ease.
  2. Easy movement- The wheels on this bag are the 360 degree spinner wheels, which makes it roll super smoothly.  The bag itself is also very light when empty so there’s no added weight to what you’re dragging around.
  3. USB charging port- I honestly haven’t used the charging port much so far but I love that I have it as an option when I’m traveling so I can use it if I run my phone battery down while I’m waiting in the terminals.
  4. Combination lock- This was actually one of the biggest selling points for me.  The three-digit combination lock is super easy to program and to use- it is so convenient that all you need is to remember is your personalized combination, rather than having to travel with a key that could get lost!  The two zippers insert into the lock itself so when set, it’s impossible to unzip your luggage and it’s TSA approved so no worries about going through security with your belongings locked away.


  1. Compression closing soft storage compartment- First off, I am obsessed with the two different compartments!  The soft clothing side is large enough for me to comfortably fit a few different outfits and essentials and then the compression pad easily flattens out any extra space to help the bag close nicely when I’m done.
  2. Zipper closing hard storage compartment- The second compartment, the hard storage side is great for storing shoes, toiletries, hats, and hair tools.  It also has plenty of space and then zips securely closed to protect your more fragile items.


Photo Jul 06, 4 55 05 PMPhoto Jul 06, 4 55 59 PMPhoto Jul 06, 4 56 52 PMPhoto Jul 06, 5 04 44 PMPhoto Jul 06, 5 03 14 PMPhoto Jul 06, 5 02 59 PM

All of the Away Travel bags also come with a little laundry bag and a dust bag to put the suitcase in when you aren’t using it!  Great additions to an already great product!

Have a happy Thursday!  Thanks for reading!




  1. Oh wow – I love this! I’ve been travelling more often now (and for shorter breaks) and a good carry-on is absolutely essential! This one looks really sleek and chic but practical too!xx


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