Hi lovelies!

I can’t believe we are already half way through July! Where is the summer going??  Feeling inspired by my love of all things summertime, today I’m going to be talking about this adorable boho maxi dress that I’ve actually had for quite a while but for some reason never seemed to reach for before now.  To be fair, I actually love boho styles all year round, there’s just something about summertime that seems to bring it out in me just a little bit more than usual.

So what do I love about this look?  First and foremost, it’s lined.  You might start to notice a trend here, guys- I will not buy a light colored dress if it isn’t lined.  Having to figure out a slip and/or the right undergarments to wear with an outfit is a major pain, one that I prefer to avoid at all costs.  Seriously, save yourself the headache and always check the inside- or the description details if you’re a big online shopper, like me- and make sure your lights are lined!

Another thing that makes a dress like this perfect for the summer months is that the outer material is nice and thin so I’m not worried about getting to warm in it.  It even has slits up the sides so you have even more breathability when you’re out in the heat!  Really I just love how much of a blank canvas an all white maxi dress is.  You can literally pair something like this with anything and totally change the look you’re going for.  I went with a short sleeve denim jacket here but I love having so many options with just  one piece!


What are your favorite summer trends?  Thanks for reading!



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